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AAHSD Locations & History

Crowley Behavioral Health Clinic

Crowley Behavioral Health Clinic

1822 West 2nd Street 
Crowley, LA  70526

Phone:  337-788-7511
     Fax:  337-788-7588

Carolyn Knowles, Clinic Manager


Originally this office was an outreach of the Lafayette clinic and operated in a facility loaned by the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s office. The doors opened in 1965 with a caseload of about 90 clients, most of which were transfers from Lafayette or Lake Charles locations. At one point, the caseload grew to over 1,300 MH clients. We then entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Federal Probation and Parole to provide addictive disorders services.
Crowley Addictive Disorders Clinic and Crowley Mental Health merged to form Crowley Behavioral Health Clinic in 2011.

Serves Acadia Parish.

Lafayette -  Dr. Joseph Henry Tyler Jr. Behavioral health clinic

Tyler Behavioral Health Clinic

302 Dulles Drive  
Lafayette, LA 70506

Phone: 337-262-4100
   Fax:  337-262-1146

Yancey Mire, Director of Behavioral Health  


This location was established in 1955 as a pilot project to provide psychiatric outpatient care to residents in a geographical area which was not close to available psychiatric inpatient facilities.  The clinic evolved into a comprehensive Community Mental Health facility in 1973 when Federal and State funds made construction available for housing such a facility.  The facility was licensed as a psychiatric hospital in June of 1975 and located on Saint Julien St. in Lafayette, LA which housed the Mental Health, Addictive Disorders, and Developmental Disabilities offices at one time.  Then moved into current building in 2002.

Other Programs housed at Tyler Behavioral Health:

  • AAHSD District Offices               
  • Volunteers of America Contract Programs
  • Mental Health Advocacy Services
  • East Louisiana Mental Health System Forensic LCSW
  • Lafayette Behavioral Health Unit (LGMC/Acadia Vermilion)

Parishes served are: Lafayette, Vermilion,  St. Martin, and St. Landry (children)


New Iberia Behavioral Health Clinic 

New Iberia Behavioral Health Clinic

611 West Admiral Doyle Drive 
New Iberia, LA  70560

Phone:  337-373-0002    
Fax:  337-373-0129

Ellen Deaton, Clinic Manager


This clinic originally operated in the education building of a local church, until the church requested use of the space.  We obtained a new building in which Addictive Disorders and Mental Health services were co-housed prior to the  Office of Behavioral Health merger in 2010.

Serves Iberia Parish.


Opelousas Mental Health Clinic

Opelousas Behavioral Health Clinic

220 South Market Street
 Opelousas, LA  70570

Phone:  337-948-0226   
Fax:  337-948-0399

Nancy Bourque, Clinic Manager


This clinic started as an outreach of Tyler Mental Health Center working in Opelousas at the original hospital with folding chairs in the lobby.  The winter months were a challenge as staff shared a pair of mittens and sometimes wore thermals to make it through the day.  When Opelousas Mental Health Clinic began operating 5 days a week in 2001, the Clinic was moved to a new location with beautiful floors, a new parking lot and gorgeous chandeliers. The Opelousas Addictive Disorders Clinic moved into this location in 2011. 

Serves St. Landry Parish.


Ville Platte Behavioral Health Clinic

Ville Platte Behavioral Health Clinic

312 Court Street

Ville Platte, LA  70586

Phone:  337-363-5525
   Fax: 337-363-1567

Nancy Bourque,Clinic Manager 


The clinic opened on December 20, 1967 as an extension of Crowley Mental Health Clinic operating one day a week with five (5) clients who transferred from the Crowley clinic.  The staff consisted of an administrator and nurse who traveled to and from Ville Platte with prescription medication and medical records in a green metal locked box.  The clinic was furnished with metal folding chairs borrowed from the teenage center and painted in bright colors and the first desk consisted of a sheet of plywood, sawed in half and nailed on a 2’ by 4’ frame.  In 1971, the clinic began operating on a full-time basis and implemented the first Suicide Prevention Program in the State for Evangeline Parish in 1982. Addictive Disorder Services began in the neighboring building as an outreach of the Opelousas Addictive Disorders Clinic. The Ville Platte Addictive Disorders and Mental Health Clinics merged into one building in 2011.

Serves Evangeline Parish.